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Llama Trekking

Website, Branding & Adverts

Llama Trekking in the UK is quite a well-kept secret. All over the country, there are Llama Trekking businesses offering the unique experience of walking through the countryside with a Llama!
I was contacted by Annie from Watertown Llamas who wanted to create a 'go-to' website for all things Llama Trekking. She wanted a website where customers could easily find their nearest Trekking farm, and easily get all the information they need about the experience.

I worked with Annie over several weeks discussing different ideas and options. Building a clear plan for a website is the single most important part and is always time well spent.

We settled on a design where all the important information about Llama Trekking would be on the home page. Splitting this page into paragraphs, each with a clear heading makes it fast and easy for the user to find the information they are after. This page would then lead the user onto a UK map where they can select the nearest Trekking farm to them by simply clicking on a point on the map.

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