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Millman Guitars

Website, Branding & Photography

James Millman is a guitar maker & luthier based in Devon. He needed a website to promote his work, but more importantly, he needed a logo to give his brand identity. James' business is all about making one-off bespoke instruments and offering a personal service to his customers. We decided to use his own handwriting style for a logo, to give his brand a really personal feel and to portray James' own personality in the brand.

Being a start-up business, James had no content for his website. So I popped over to his workshop one afternoon and took a series of photos for his website.

One of the challenges sole traders face is finding the time to do everything! Which unfortunately means that websites are often left out of date. To get around this, we decided to make James' website a simple single-page advert style website, that would not need a lot of maintenance or updating.

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